Three Sisters: An exhibition of Art and Craft

by Joan Osbaldeston, Rhona Osbaldeston and Marie Greenham.
We didn’t get out much as children. Stuck in suburbia we travelled around our Philips atlas,
explored the books on folk costume in the library and wandered through “June and School-friend”
Annuals that we’d buy at church jumble sales, nearly all of which had been cleared out of someone’s
attic and were from the 30’s and 40’s. As a result we’ve always been fascinated by other countries,
vintage films and fashion, costume and recycling. In fact when I travelled to Mexico, I felt an
immediate kinship. It had the Catholicism and melancholy of my Irish background and a passion for
art and craft too. It wasn’t so foreign after all.

We all made stuff back then: dolls clothes, our own clothes, jewellery, papier maché, scrapbooks,
funeral processions for goldfish, space-ships on the garage walls. It makes us sound like a twisted
suburban version of the Brontes, but our parents still carried that element of make-do and mend
from their parents. My mother cut up her dresses to make ones for and used an old fur coat to
lengthen ours and all our aunties knitted and stitched and crocheted. Sometimes standing with our
cousins, identically dressed, we looked like the Von Trapps in knitwear.

Times have changed but that making compulsion has never left us. Each of us developed different
creative interests- writing, textiles, jewellery, collage and card design, fitting these things in around
families and paying jobs. I taught Art and Textiles for 13 years, in London but have lived in St
Leonards for the last two years. Marie made jewellery and bought up four children and Rhona runs a
successful greetings card business – There’s a Star behind you.

Love Café gave us the chance to put some of our making on display for you and we hope you LOVE it.