The Love Breakfast

Available until 1:00pm

TOAST – choice of fresh breads, toasted & served with butter & jam, marmalade, peanut butter or Marmite V VN N 1.95

PORRIDGE – choose two of the following toppings : nuts, banana, maple syrup, golden syrup or honey 3.95

EGGS ON TOAST – two fried, scrambled or poached eggs on toast 4.95

BREAKFAST MUSHROOM – your choice of toast with a large field mushroom topped with a tomato & poached egg V VN option 5.75

BUBBLE & SQUEAK – bubble & squeak with a sausage, fried egg & tomato. Served with toast (V vegetarian sausage option)  6.25

BIG BREAKFAST – sausage, smoked back bacon, poached, fried or scrambled egg, mushrooms, beans & tomatoes. Served with toast 6.95

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN BREAKFAST – vegan sausages, mini bubble & squeak, tomato,  mushrooms & beans. Egg optional. Served with toast V VN 6.95

HUEVOS RANCHEROS Mexican Breakfast – corn tortillas topped with chilli beans, tomato, avocado, sausage & fried eggs (V vegetarian sausage option) 7.50

SMOKED SALMON – smoked salmon & scrambled eggs. Served with toast 7.50

BREAKFAST CREPE – cracked egg, bacon, cheddar cheese & mushrooms. Served with a side salad 7.95

AMERICAN PANCAKE – crispy Italian bacon & maple syrup 5.50

BREADS – we offer white, granary, sourdough & gluten free bread


Vegetarian V

Vegan VN

Contains Nuts N

Children’s meals: 
We can reduce the size of the meal to accommodate the younger members in your group.

Dietary requirements
please inform a member of our staff of any requirements

Credit card payments
taken – £10 and over (AMEX not accepted) Sorry no £50 notes

ICE CREAM – bowl of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream.      1.95

ALLERGIES – Although every care is taken, due to our busy kitchen we cannot guarantee the absence of nuts or other allergens in our dishes.  Please inform a member of our staff of any dietary requirements.

We always endeavour to deliver great tasting food.

All food is cooked to order which is why we thank you for your patience, particularly when the cafe is busy and hope this does not affect your enjoyment of your visit to our unique and much loved cafe.

CREDIT CARD – card payments taken £10 and over (sorry no AMEX) sorry we cannot accept £50 notes.