The Love

white, granary, sourdough, gluten free

served with warm pitta bread



TUNA mayonnaise & cucumber 4.95

CHEDDAR CHEESE, HAM & Dijon mustard 4.95

BLT : bacon, crispy lettuce & tomato 5.25


CHEESE, HAM TOASTIE with Dijon mustard  5.25

TUNA MELT – tuna, cheddar & spring onion melt 5.25

FISH FINGER sarnie with tartar sauce 5.25

All of the above are served with a side salad

Bread – White, Granary, Sourdough or Gluten Free


WARM CHICKEN SALAD – chicken on a pile of mixed leaves, olives, cherry & sun dried tomatoes, beetroot, spring onion, topped with courgette & pink pickled onion 7.50

GOATS CHEESE SUNSHINE SALAD – grilled goats cheese on a plate of mixed leafs with apple, orange, cherry tomatoes, pink pickled onion, beetroot and mapled pecan nuts  V N 7.50

HOUMOUS PLATTER – our own houmous recipe served with feta cheese, mixed olives & sun dried tomatoes. Served with salad V 6.50


served with wedges & salad


HALLOUMI, AVOCADO & TOMATO on toast – hot halloumi, avocado & hot tomatoes on sourdough toast topped with chilli & lime dressing 5.95

JACKET POTATO served with a side salad
Grated cheese 5.50
Grated cheese & beans 6.00
Tuna mayo & spring onion 6.50

OMELETTES 4 eggs, with wedges & side salad 7.95
Any 2 fillings : cheese, ham, mushrooms, spring onion
Extra fillings each 0.75

POTATO WEDGES – add a portion of potato wedges 2.95


CHICKEN STACK – chicken, bacon, avocado, salad leaves, tomato & pink pickled onion on a large bun, served with wedges and a side salad 7.95

HALLOUMI CHEESE STACK – Halloumi with roasted red pepper, our own houmous recipe, salad leaves, tomato & pink pickled onion in a large bun, served with wedges & side salad V 7.95

served with salad


Savoury Crepes

Dairy, gluten free & Vegan crepes available

NORMAN SPECIAL crepe filled with potato, onion, garlic, roasted red pepper, feta cheese & side salad V 7.95
VEGAN NORMAN SPECIAL crepe filled with potato, onion, garlic, roasted red pepper & side salad (VN) 7.95
SMOKED SALMON & CREAM CHEESE crepe & side salad 7.95
BIG NORM crepe filled with ham, onion & cheese topped with a fried egg & side salad 7.95

Sweet Crepes

Dairy, gluten free & Vegan crepes available

LEMON & SUGAR crepe V (VN) 3.75
MAPLE SYRUP crepe V (VN) 3.75
GOLDEN SYRUP crepe V (VN) 3.75
HONEY crepe V 3.75
NUTELLA crepe V N 3.95


USA PANCAKE – crispy Italian bacon & maple syrup 5.50

ICE CREAM – bowl of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream.      1.95

ALLERGIES – Although every care is taken, due to our busy kitchen we cannot guarantee the absence of nuts or other allergens in our dishes.  Please inform a member of our staff of any dietary requirements.

We always endeavour to deliver great tasting food.

All food is cooked to order which is why we thank you for your patience, particularly when the cafe is busy and hope this does not affect your enjoyment of your visit to our unique and much loved cafe.

CREDIT CARD – card payments taken £10 and over (sorry no AMEX) sorry we cannot accept £50 notes.



Vegetarian V


Vegan VN


Contains Nuts N


Children’s meals: 

We can reduce the size of the meal to accommodate the younger members in your group.